The Symbol of Ueda

Built in the 16th century and attacked twice, these famous remains of Ueda Castle is now a famous park with a thousand cherry trees that bloom in April.

Omotenashi Samurai welcome you in Ueda Castle Park. You can watch their martial arts demonstration and get your picture taken with them.

The Ueda City Museum is on your right as you enter the park. You can see various historical artifacts such as the lord's armor, articles from the silkworm industry, and examples of the local traditional folk culture.

The Tourist Center is located to the east of the park and contains souvenir shops and a rest stop.

The Castle Tower and Ueda City Museum (entrance to the park is free)

Hours 8:30 - 17:00
Closed Wed. (If a holiday falls on a Wed., closed on the following day), New Year holidays
* For 2016, open all year until Dec 28th.
Admission ¥500

Ueda City Museum

The Tourist Center

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Access from Ueda Sta

  • 12 min on foot, or 4 mins by bus